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Ningbo Jiangdong Grommet Rubber Co.,Ltd.


We are professional rubber seals manufacturer in Ningbo of china , And has export licences. The plant area is 19980 square meters


VAT ID : 913302 0478 4336 5800

Customs Registration code : 33029679ES.

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What we do:


l professional custom molded rubber part

l Rubber seals, rubber grommets, rubber isolators, rubber bumpers, rubber mounts,ball joint boots, tie rod end boots,  rubber bushing, rubber cushions,

l Shock absorber bushes, control arm bush, engine mount, vibration isolation mounts,

l O-ring , metal-to-rubber parts. Anti-vibration mountings Etc.

l Service weight gasket, multite gasket, dual tite gasket-extra heavy , uniseal, pipe and septic tank gaskets

l Hydraulic seals, rod seals, piston seals, U cups ,piston cups , brake cylinder seals

vibrating converyor bushing, AS568A rubber o ring, rubber grommet UL94-V0,




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Our Value

Continues improvement and innovation
Solving customer's problem in economic and reasonable way!

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